why do we insist on keeping an outdated version of ourselves and others who have changed?

i got the paragrah below by email this morning, i don’t know who the author is.
this realisation was a very important one for me, a year ago, and changed me drastically.
unfortunately, few people around me accepted my change, while most
continued to insist to see me the way i was.
i hope this finds a place in your personal development:

“Time, which changes people, does not alter the image we have retained of them.
Each of us is molded and crafted by the hands of time and
our many experiences on the journey through life.

However, I may keep an outdated vision of myself, my friends and/or loved ones,
as if they hadn’t changed. By keeping old images in my mind
I keep people trapped in the past of who they were without seeing their changes.
I myself remain trapped in that same past of who I was without seeing
my changes.

It’s time to release myself and others from the cage of the past and
see everyone with new eyes.”

yours, will
twitter: @williamchoukeir

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2 Responses to why do we insist on keeping an outdated version of ourselves and others who have changed?

  1. Lydie Claitte says:

    Love you will ! thanks for spreading this beautifull words and thoughts into my morning, i send you my wood fire on a provencal cloudy sky with meditative sounds, birds and music, hope it will fill your heart as much as you did with mine.i’m planning to come back to beyrouth in june with some beautifull stuff … and i can’t wait for the "re-"encounter of our new US 😉 !!! Merci*

  2. Anonymous says:

    <div dir="ltr">thank you lydie for filling my heart with the warmth of love.<div>i love you. till our next re-encounter. will<br><br></div></div>

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