Delayed gratification and the 30-day challenge


I’m human. Humans are instinctively impatient.

It’s very hard for us to perform a certain action today, so that we’ll get a reward tomorrow, or next week, or even worst, in 30 days. It’s equally as hard to refrain from action today to avoid a certain consequence. That’s why we get AIDS and unwanted babies.

You’ll find this is more consistent with children. As we grow up, we tame it. We replace this instinct with a learned behavior. That doesn’t mean it’s any less painful. That’s why we can work for 30 days for a pay check. Yet some of us have a hard time taming this instinct.

The point is this: with this 30-day challenge, you’ll most likely not see results from the first day. Nor from the first week. But stick with it. Near the end of the challenge, you’ll experience the difference.

The benefits are incremental and with a very short fuse. Each day is a step forward. Miss a day and you’ll either stop the challenge or take 3 steps back. Pass the 30-day mark and you’ll get rid of the fuse.

Yesterday marked my first day of delayed gratification.


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Learn more about this 30-day challenge or download the poster here: Are you feeling sorry for yourself? (Poster+Invitation) or watch this hilarious and scientific TED Talk about how delayed gratification is related to success: Joachim de Posada says, Don’t eat the marshmallow yet

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