The 2nd secret of Facebook’s success

One word: voyeurism.

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Delayed gratification and the 30-day challenge


I’m human. Humans are instinctively impatient.

It’s very hard for us to perform a certain action today, so that we’ll get a reward tomorrow, or next week, or even worst, in 30 days. It’s equally as hard to refrain from action today to avoid a certain consequence. That’s why we get AIDS and unwanted babies.

You’ll find this is more consistent with children. As we grow up, we tame it. We replace this instinct with a learned behavior. That doesn’t mean it’s any less painful. That’s why we can work for 30 days for a pay check. Yet some of us have a hard time taming this instinct.

The point is this: with this 30-day challenge, you’ll most likely not see results from the first day. Nor from the first week. But stick with it. Near the end of the challenge, you’ll experience the difference.

The benefits are incremental and with a very short fuse. Each day is a step forward. Miss a day and you’ll either stop the challenge or take 3 steps back. Pass the 30-day mark and you’ll get rid of the fuse.

Yesterday marked my first day of delayed gratification.


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Learn more about this 30-day challenge or download the poster here: Are you feeling sorry for yourself? (Poster+Invitation) or watch this hilarious and scientific TED Talk about how delayed gratification is related to success: Joachim de Posada says, Don’t eat the marshmallow yet

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Am I feeling sorry for myself? (Poster+Invitation)

Talking about getting rid of the blues, Zig Ziglar said:
“Logic will not change an emotion, but action will.”

So here it goes. This is a 30-day challenge for you and I.

  1. I invite you to download the poster
  2. Print it on A3, A4, or A2 paper
  3. Bookmark this page
  4. Go through the challenge every day for 30 days
  5. Share your experiences in the comments (Fake names are ok).

Feeling down? Sad? Depressed? Cycling through mood swings? Whatever it is. Try action for 30 days —starting with this very powerful question.

If you can’t print it, I’ll print it for you on thick A3 paper and mail it to you anywhere in Lebanon (First 5 only.) Just ask in the comments.


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Workaholic wannabe or not to be

Ask yourself:

“Am I a workaholic, or a workaholic-wannabe?”

It’s never too late to change your mind.


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Why ‘the’ obvious lessons never work

  • You won’t really learn obvious lessons until you’ve done the mistakes yourself.
  • Focus on one project at a time.
  • Don’t be afraid to fail.
  • Fall down 7 times, get up 8.
  • People come before anything else.
  • Treat people the way you’d like to be treated.
  • Don’t wait for the perfect time, start now.
  • Etc.

We all know all these obvious lessons. Why don’t we all abide my them? Why does it take years until some become part of our system? I’ve come to realize that they’re a huge difference between two edges. The first edge is knowing and accepting these obvious lessons. Having these obvious lessons as part of our belief system is the second edge.

We all know about Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, and so on. But one or none of these religious figures is part of our belief system. We will not act according to the teachings of any one of these religious figures, until one of them becomes part of our belief system. And I’m not advocating adopting one religion. I’m only using religion because it’s an example we can all identify with. I at the moment, adopt none.

That’s the challenge. Adopting obvious lessons as part of our belief system doesn’t happen on a rational level. It takes a strong emotional experience. A huge failure perhaps. Or a loved one turning their back on us. Or a life changing lost opportunity. Or someone close truly appeals to our emotions. The problem is obvious, those of us who have experienced these obvious lessons on an emotional level, go on to share them on a rational level. It never works this way.

Belief systems or world views are always amended on an emotional level. That’s why you won’t really learn obvious lessons until you’ve done the mistake yourself.

Please share with me your experience in the comments.


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Behave accordingly

A while back I see 2 people fighting over a small kind of leafy vegetable. The old man selling these, has a van full of them. The buyer is fighting over the price of this one vegetable.

I watch them fight for at least 5 minutes before I get bored and move on. For the seller the value of this small vegetable seems to be huge to him, although the price is negligible. No matter how much effort this man does, he’ll end up with the petty money this one vegetable is sold for.

This is the size of the seller’s dreams. That’s the reason he’ll stay small and poor. He was literarly pulling the leafy vegetable out of the buyer’s hands because they were not agreeing on the price. The worst part?

The seller’s young son was next to him watching and learning. He’s learning from his father how to have small dreams. And how to fight over petty money.

Children watch adults and imitate them. Do you have children or younger siblings. If not now, you will some day. You have more effect on their future than you ever thought possible. You have more effect on the size of their dreams than you ever though possible. Behave accordingly.


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Beings exchange admiration

You can admire a beautiful thing.
You can admire an ugly thing.


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