Behave accordingly

A while back I see 2 people fighting over a small kind of leafy vegetable. The old man selling these, has a van full of them. The buyer is fighting over the price of this one vegetable.

I watch them fight for at least 5 minutes before I get bored and move on. For the seller the value of this small vegetable seems to be huge to him, although the price is negligible. No matter how much effort this man does, he’ll end up with the petty money this one vegetable is sold for.

This is the size of the seller’s dreams. That’s the reason he’ll stay small and poor. He was literarly pulling the leafy vegetable out of the buyer’s hands because they were not agreeing on the price. The worst part?

The seller’s young son was next to him watching and learning. He’s learning from his father how to have small dreams. And how to fight over petty money.

Children watch adults and imitate them. Do you have children or younger siblings. If not now, you will some day. You have more effect on their future than you ever thought possible. You have more effect on the size of their dreams than you ever though possible. Behave accordingly.


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One Response to Behave accordingly

  1. adonis says:

    Great angle this small dream initiation for the future outlook. There is another angle for the vegetable seller with small profit: a dime earned on top of a dime is a fortune . A dime spent on top of another dime is a fortune wasted on illusions…

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