How is a mountain a problem, sometimes?

To someone born on a mountain, and never seen anything else, she’s not even aware there’s a problem.

To someone born on the coast and never seen anything else, it’s a different story. On the coast, she travels by bicycle. One day she makes a wrong turn, and for the first time, sitting there on her bike, there’s this big mountain in front of her. For her and her bike, the mountain is a problem. She could choose the uphill battle, or she could go back.

For the other person living on the mountain, everything seems horizontal.

For most of us, we’re ‘living on the coast’. Those of us who choose the uphill battle will come out on top. After that, it’ll seem like everything is downhill from there. As if we were born on the mountain. Until a bigger mountain comes along.

I choose mountain. You?


Twitter @williamchoukeir

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