Hanane, work and life partner, you’re not family anymore

I learned from TEDxBeirut the secret ingredient to inspire a team. It turns out to be simple enough, yet hard to do: when you are under the same conditions as your team, act in front of your team in the way you want them to act. They’ll be inspired to do the same.

I haven’t been this fortunate with Hanane. She’s a partner at .:there for design… and in my life. Somehow, I treat her like family. And you know what that means. Bad idea.

This means that everything I know about communicating with people, everything I write in my notes, and everything I’ve learned from TEDxBeirut goes down the drain when I interact with Hanane.

Now that I realize this, sitting with my thoughts this morning, it’s time to change it. Hanane, I’m treating you like a team member. You’re not family anymore.

At this point, three questions come to my mind:

1. Why haven’t I realized this obvious fact before.
2. Should I really be publishing this private note before I change my behavior?
3. Will it not work because Hanane read it and is now aware it?


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