When to have great sex?

In the animal world males respect females. At least when it comes to sex. Males wait until the female is in heat. She then gives them the signal. They approach. She picks one (or more.) And they have great sex. All the other days of the year, males respect and wait.

Most human males aren’t as courteous. Some are. Males want sex all the time. Sure animal males want sex all the time too. Yet, they don’t pressure the females. And believe it or not, although human females can have sex anytime, they too go into (and I’m carefully using the word) ‘heat’ for a few days a month.

Human females concede to the male a lot of times. Because they love the guy. Because they pity him. Because they’re afraid of the consequences. Because they don’t mind. Sure they’ll both have sex. It might feel like rape. It might suck. It might be ok. It might be good. But it won’t be great.

Male? Want great sex? Show some respect. Wait until she gives the signal. She’ll love you for it.

Female? Point your partner to this note.


Twitter: @williamchoukeir

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3 Responses to When to have great sex?

  1. Sara Sibai says:

    There’s so much to learn from animals (Andrew Bossone might have something to say about that).But it is often perceived as an insult to be compared to animals, and yet they seem far more civilized than us. Thank you for this. There’s something powerful about the simplicity in how you convey your ideas.

  2. F. Younes says:

    Bingo William.It seems human passions leashes his reason as a dog.

  3. monu says:

    iam impressed by this notes but i want to say something that iam a man and i want to have a great sex but not without the permission of the women . so pz respect th women

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