How TEDxBeirut taught me to delegate

I’ve been a perfectionist all my life.

“If I needed something done right, I’d do it myself.” I’m aware of it. I fight it hard. I loose most of the time. I win sometimes. Because of TEDxBeirut, I think I’m now equipped to win most of the time.

With the sheer amount of work for TEDxBeirut, I had no choice but to let go. It worked ‘perfectly’ well. I learned these simple but powerful lessons that hopefully can help you delegate.

1. Brief the team as clearly as you can. Don’t tell them what to do step-by-step. Explain the desired outcome, and the reasoning behind it. This empowers them to own the work and the responsibility.

2. Let go.

3. Let them mess up. Don’t interfere.

4. Let them fix it. Don’t interfere.

5. Let them mess up while fixing it. Don’t interfere.

6. When there isn’t enough time left, take over. Fix it.

7. If there isn’t enough time left for you to fix it, let go. It has passed.

8. Once complete, take a look. Share with the team what you loved about their work. No need to mention what you didn’t like because these might be a result of your perfectionism. With a little time, the team will maximize what you like, and minimize what you don’t.

I know I was under spressure to let go. You might not have it that easy, but try.
Goodbye perfectionism. Hello letting go.


Twitter: @williamchoukeir

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