What makes you unsuccessful and unhappy? This 1 thing could change that.

The unsuccessful and unhappy person gets and idea of what we want to do or be. He then wishes he could do that; even if there are no obstacles.

The successful and happy person gets an idea of what he wants to do or be. He then goes and does that; despite all obstacles.

You want to do something. I know.
You want to be someone. I know.
Just go and do that. Be that.

1 idea at a time. 
1 obstacle at a time. 

It might seem simple. 
It is. 

Then, you complicate it. You get impatient and pursue 2 ideas at a time. Or maybe 3. Bad idea.

Repetition is vital when something is so simple, yet so powerful, that it always gets underestimated. 

1 idea at a time. 
1 obstacle at a time.

Change anyone of these 2 and you, more often than not, set yourself up for an unsuccessful and unhappy life. You set yourself up for wishful thinking. 

I’ve heard the “1 idea at a time” mantra a lot over the years. It went through my head unnoticed. 

I underestimated it. 
I didn’t believe it. 
I wasn’t convinced it could be this simple. 
No one explained it. 

And I kept on juggling multiple ideas at a time. And I kept on failing. 
And then I tried it. 

It works. Period. 
Try it. 

Once you do, you don’t need convincing. Leave wishful thinking to someone else, and go be successful and happy. 1 idea at a time. 1 one obstacle at a time.


Twitter: @williamchoukeir

Soon: This 1 idea doesn’t have to be a startup. It could just be a habit. For now…


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