The real secret of Facebook’s success – Uncovered

“Dating sites are the most successful subscription-based businesses on the Internet.” —Freakonomics, page 78

When you use a dating site, you pay a monthly subscription. In addition, you have to always be careful not be shamed by your peers, friends, family, and partner.

What if you had a dating site, which everyone uses, and no one knows that it’s a dating site?

The real secret to Facebook’s success is that it is a ‘masked’ dating site, that is ‘free’.

Users use it because of its dating features; without themselves knowing that it’s a dating site. And if no one knows that it’s a dating site, then no one can shame anyone else for using Facebook.

Those who don’t use Facebook because of the dating features are mainly late adopters who joined in to get a sense of belonging. Or because they felt they were missing out on the events, and all the action. Everyone else was on Facebook. They were the lone exception.

How can anything compete with a free and so-geniously masked dating site? The question remains: Does Mark Zuckerburg know this?


Twitter: @williamchoukeir

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3 Responses to The real secret of Facebook’s success – Uncovered

  1. adonis bouhatab says:

    Can you give examples of how people use facebook as a dating site. For example, do people use code names of sentences that mean they are in a dating purpose…? Just a simple example to follow…A demonstration that prove your claim without a shadow of a doubt so that I may write about…

  2. Anonymous says:

    <div dir="ltr">Search google for a dating site, sign up to it, browse it a little bit, and you'll see the same dynamics 🙂 I don't mean to evade your question, i just believe that once you experience it, you won't need convincing using examples and words. (and I'll get to spend more time going through my endless list of TEDxBeirut tasks)<br> <br></div>

  3. jimmiciemi says:

    True, facebook is probably a masked dating site and a lot of people might have already experienced it, however they will not openly admit it. There are some options which makes it like it wants to be a dating site as well such as "are you interested in: men or women" when Mark started it, it was called hot or not.. Ive seen people with thousands of friends on facebook, THOUSANDS, that is A LOT. Anyway I think FB is very general and does everything, which also includes dating.

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