The pain of living with your thoughts

More and more people are finding it hard to live with their thoughts. They are constantly looking for ways to distract themselves; from their thoughts.

Maybe it’s because their thoughts bring them pain? Are they hiding from the realization that they are not living the lives they hope to live?

Maybe it’s when we start living with our thoughts —when we accept to experience the pain these thoughts bring us— that we really start to live.

Isn’t it obvious that when we constantly avoid something, it probably means that there must be pain in that something? A lot of people know that this pain could hold the secret to their happiness. Yet they are such cowards, that they refuse to accept this pain. Maybe this secret is simply a realization…

The realization that this is not the life they want to live. The realization that they’d have to start all over.

Maybe the only way to find out is to sit with your thoughts.


Twitter: @williamchoukeir

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3 Responses to The pain of living with your thoughts

  1. May Tartoussy says:

    Agreeing with you, although I think there are a slight diffrence between avoiding painful thoughts that you should actually stay with or when the thoughts are useless and have no purpose but to keep looping so it becomes a pattern that the best thing to do is to just ignore them.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well said May.

  3. Zoozel says:

    I don’t really think people notice that they can’t be alone with their thoughts, it simply becomes a habit of channeling them out.I noticed it once as I forgot my headphones at home, I would always have them with me, because I couldn’t be alone with my thoughts. I still carry them around, but from time to time, I do shut down everything, and that’s actually when I get my best ideas…Very thought-provoking piece William, hope to see more frequent notes!

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