the ego understood. it’s simpler than you think (part 2 of 3) — ENE104b

pre-requisite: the ego understood. it’s simpler than you think (part 1 of 3) — ENE104a

Andrew Bossone asked after reading part 1: “would you say the ego is a part of us or is a separate entity? if the absence of ego reveals our true self, then are we inauthentic with it?” the truly wonderful thing is that I had written the answer below, before reading his question. and I believe they’re a perfect match. thank you Andrew.

how do you feel when you act on your ego? good? how do you feel when you don’t act on your ego? does it feel bad? is it hard?

very simply, when you act on your ego, you steal the energy of the other person. and you feel better. when you don’t, you feel not-ok. and this makes it very hard to ignore what the ego is telling you; you’ll know you’ll feel better if you act on your ego. and you also know that the other person will feel worst.

and because the other person will feel worst when you act on your ego and steal his energy, he will, in turn act on his ego and try to steal his energy back from you. this is when you say to him: “do you know that you’re acting out of ego? just stop it. ignore your ego.” and this is only your ego playing it’s trick on your friend so you can keep the energy you stole from him. let’s take another case.

take the case of someone egotistically bragging about himself: “I’m the best in …, I single handedly saved the situation, I caused this and this to happen with no help, if it weren’t for me…”

you might think there’s no harm to others when someone is bragging this way. you might think he’s only harming himself. and you know that’s not true. when he brags that he’s the best, that means that this gives the impression that others suck, which of course isn’t the case. but it bothers all those who do actually deserve credit, or are just as good. and this way, he sucks the energy of this crowd. when he pretends that he single handedly did something, he steals credit from those who did help. this sucks energy from them.

“if it wasn’t for me.” makes him the center of attention, causing him to suck all the energy of the crowd. and those who deserve part of that energy because of their achievements and contribution, end up having this energy stolen from them. would they feel now that they should act, and get back their energy, and maybe more? I believe that’s highly likely.

ego is nothing but the name given to this theft of energy that we are ll guilty of. ego is us. ego is our minds finding ways to steal ever more energy, and justifying it to ourselves so that we can sleep better at night.

this is the era of the energy thieves.

we have all been raised in a culture that teaches us that stealing is wrong. and as a result, we’re always living in denial. we deny from ourselves that we are thieves. we have to justify to our own conscience that we’re not stealing. we must never find out that we’re thieves ourselves. and so, we blame it on invented evil “entity” that no one understands. we call it ego. and we pretend that we ARE good, but controlled by this ego. we claim it treacherous, foxy, and cunning. we pretend that we’re unable to leave it’s grasp. and all these are even more excuses that we use, so that we would never have to admit to ourselves that we are thieves. there’s no ego. there’s only us. living in denial.

once you accept this, and once you stop blaming a non-existent entity, only then do you take the first step to getting rid of ego. otherwise, you can never get rid of something that doesn’t exist. stop blaming ego. take responsibility for the energy you steal. apologize. and allow the other person to recall his energy.

(next, in part 3 we’ll cover how the actions we do when we’re alone, are arrows we make an store in our quiver. and how we use these arrows later on to shoot others, steal their energy, and how that is related to ego. see you in part 3)

yours, will

twitter: @williamchoukeir

p.s. soon: this is the era of the energy thieves. masked as ego, revenge, honor, and pride. with the end of the tribal culture and the rise of the city culture, we switched from one state of acquiring energy to another. and this, I believe, is the core problem of the world today.

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9 Responses to the ego understood. it’s simpler than you think (part 2 of 3) — ENE104b

  1. Hanane Kai says:

    it’s so true! everybody is stealing energy, i am too. and the hardest part is to allow other to steal without stealing back! we have to be so full of energy to do so…this is why when we are happy and someone makes fun of us for example, we take it lightly and laugh with him/her. because we have hight energy, we can allow people to steal a bit. but if have low energy at the first place we wouldn’t let anyone take even a bit.i can find so many examples… it is making so much sense for me :)thanks for inspiring me, as always 🙂

  2. Hanane Kai says:

    can’t wait for the coming ‘soon: this is the era of the energy thieves…’

  3. Anonymous says:

    1) I have never seen the concept of ego in this way,2) I fully understand and I am convinced that it is the mask that hides our own motives, it is not an independent being that is controlling us,3) I agree that we have transformed pride/honor into ego and4) My question: since we PRETEND we are good, whose really good anyway?

  4. Anonymous says:

    PS: this is one of your most powerful posts.

  5. May Tartoussy says:

    William – I like how you simplify complicated issues, this time you are tackeling an oversimplified and underestimated concept "The Ego" of course am talking about it from the perception of our community. I heard so many people confuse ego with confidence or dignity and some other as you said use it as an excuse. But of my own experience and realisation journey I realized that this voice in our head is formed and developed based on our experience with our parents and uprising. It reflects mainly their voices in our heads. the fears and insecurities we acquired along the years turn into a voice or the Ego. A never ending black hole constantly telling us that our security is in danger, hence, this guy who bragged about his achievement denying others contributions. Did he steel my energy? Well if I have a similar voice in my head as his I would be feeling drained and wanting to react and take my enerygy back. If I dont have a similar voice, if I was aware of his fears and insecurities I would shake my shoulders and move on. This is how I see it. I wanted to aslo share my views on this interesting topic and thank you for initiating such discussions. We need thinkers in our world.hugs May

  6. Anonymous says:

    @sherif: thanks you so much. regarding your last question, i believe that when we’re under the effect of the ego, and in the process of stealing energy, we pretend we’re good so we can get close to the person and steal his energy. on the other extreme, when we’re like a hose, transmitting energy through us, not storing it, and saturated by it, well, we’re good, because we don’t steal energy. when we’re saturated with energy we don’t have to pretend anything, we are good, and we’re not looking to steal or trick anyone.for a way to saturate yourself with energy and become an energy hose, see ENE103:

  7. Anonymous says:

    @may thank you for you input. what you said is very true. parents, culture, they all play a big role. they are all contributing to this culture that it’s not ok to steal. and so we have to do it subtly, and in secret. of course if you take in to consideration all of the side effects, results, causes, and situations that arise from this "ego", they are undeniably very complex.what i’m trying to so here, is go a layer deeper, and another layer deeper, until i can understand the underlying principle. and i’m realizing everyday that the deeper i go, the simpler things become. it has been proven time and time again, using science, and other means, that the underlying principles of the most complex behaviors and phenomena are actually surprisingly simple. and people simply fail to see them because they can’t accept that a principle so simple can create such complexity.and following this proven occurrence of simple principles creating complex behaviors, i propose that the simple underlying principle of all "ego" related behaviors is just energy-theft, i provide a way to remove confusion and bring everything down to one common you!

  8. Doha Raad says:

    hi william choukeir and commentors,i just finished a book, it’s called "The Book", written by Allan Watts. Has anyone read it?If not then I can’t say more, but I highly recommend it.DR

  9. Anonymous says:

    <div dir="ltr">thank you Doha :-)<div>i??haven't??read it, would you share a summary with the readers, or at least his outlook on the ego?</div><div>it'll be great for everyone if you could do that.</div><div>love.<br> <br></div></div>

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