how you’re like a blocked hose going stale? this is the biggest energy myth — ENE103

I got a message from a lovely soul who’s down. very down. with no one around him to pick him up. and where everyone around him stole the last bit of his energy. and they’re continuing to do so.

he wrote: “[…] how to protect myself when […] I just want to help others and give. […] who will pick me up other than myself. I guess no one William. no one. […] you gotta just do it on your own… and give energy to those you care about… without asking anything in return.”

I share my reply below in hope that you might identify with it as well, and  get unstuck:

“thank you so much for finding the energy to write this message, when you have none. 

I love the part where you said that we have to give without expecting anything in return. that’s the best thing we can do every time. because, there’s a fallacy in the common belief that to feel good, you have to store energy. there’s actually something else. something better.

when we store energy, this means we’re a container. and like any container, we can get depleted. people who give unconditionally all the time without ever getting depleted, are not actually vast containers of energy. not at all. they are a hose.

a hose passes water through it. a hose isn’t the source. a hose taps into the source and moves this water from on place to another. a hose spreads this water to places that have no access to it. a hose is never afraid that his water will run out. because he’s not trying to store it anyways. he’s just a transmitter. and all he wants to do is have this water run through him.

imagine what would happen if you close one end of the hose. the water inside will start to go stale. it will become murky. leave it closed a bit more, and things start growing on the inside. and they make the passage smaller as they grow. until they close the flow completely. even now, if you reopen the end of the hose, water will only drip out at best. and that’s exactly what happens when we stop giving.

the energy in us grows stale and murky. we feel dirty, ugly, heavy, constrained, limited. the hose that used to be transmitting energy abundantly is now a container. and a super tiny one as well. how much water can a hose store? not much. what’s the use of a hose if it’s filled water, disconnected from the source, and close off at both ends?

how would that closed hose feel if anything he’s required to do needs and demands some of that tiny energy stored inside. then, the smallest obstacle becomes a huge a problem. there’s so little energy that the hose now holds on to it with all his might. only to watch it grow stale. only to watch it become useless. until a time comes that the hose wishes to just open up!

to connect to a vigorous source. have it run through him with such vigor and force. see it wash out the murkiness, the staleness, re-open the clogged walls. and spread this water again uncontrollably everywhere.

and when you close off a hose connected to a source with your finger, you can feel the immense pressure. and as soon as you remove your finger, you get an explosion of water, an explosion of energy that you’ve never experienced before. it’s so powerful that it lifts you up from your abyss and brings you back to life.

and as soon as the pressure is released, the water flow returns to normal. flowing and spreading all around you. yourself included. and that’s why a lot of people feel a sudden, intense, and brief rush of energy when they start any type of spiritual journey; they just opened up, exploded.

so move away from stale people momentarily, until you open up. and open up. connect. give. spread. share. interact. be a hose. energy is all around you. it’s in the people. it’s in the plants. it’s in the animals. it’s in the atmosphere. it’s everywhere. all you have to do is open up, and let it flow.”

(how? see below.)

yours, will

twitter: @williamchoukeir

p.s. for one of the fastest ways to open up, please read part 2 of the destructive power of stealing energy, and what to do about it?


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