how do we protect ourselves from failure with this habit?

a recent friend opened a blog ( ) and published one post. the post ended this way:

“…Pretty standing boring blog I think. Oh well. Gotta work on my integrity. Not as in truth and honesty. As in, standing for what I believe in and fuck the rest. Because an American mind definitely needs something like that in a world that is not so American at all. Especially…when it comes to politics and religion. Ex both of them out, and I think we could create something wonderful. Keep spirituality though…this is something quite natural and enjoyable…”

my reply:

“p.s. boring is something we say to ourselves to protect ourselves in case of failure; when deep inside we know that it’s very well not the case.”

yours, will

twitter: @williamchoukeir

p.s. sometimes, when you’re not underestimating yourself, purposefully decreasing the expectations of the audience leads them to having a better, richer experience.
+ closely related to the fear that paralyses us:  the endless cycle of inventing projects and postponing decisions, and what to do about it


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6 Responses to how do we protect ourselves from failure with this habit?

  1. Racha says:

    am thinking about starting a "boring" blog too.

  2. Anonymous says:

    racha: instead of thinking about it, why not do it? maybe this will help you to just get it done:

  3. lydie says:

    the chain reaction

  4. Lydie Claitte says:

    Chaque personne qui grandit pourrais etre un repetiteur, un petit maitre, le detonateur d’une reaction en chaine, qui elle meme, est capable de changer le monde.

  5. Lydie Claitte says:

    Ok, here is the complet comment… problem in the machina i think… ;)It’s me again… ;)Indeed, I’m very happy that you started this notes sharing !First, it offered me an opportunity to tell you the consideration, respect and love i have for you.Second, i’m just amazed about the chain reaction it has done in the past days, thanks to your notes and to this blog, i went thought many differents personnal notes, to books, to ideas etc…Since a couple of years I’m more and more aware of this impact we have to eachothers, i really feel and see how we are chemicals beings, i like to look at my life (even my spiritual life) through scientifical glasses, leds by actions and reactions.Recently i found much interest in the quantic approach, that i was introduced in by the book of Dr Deepak Chopra "Harnessing the infinite power of coincidence". And I want to know more about this vision of reality.I’m pretty sure that one of the power of internet is it’s capacity to feed the chain reaction while enlightening up the process itself. And make us aware of the influence we have on each other. This famous Oneness !! ;)Well,Finally this leds me to a quotation i pick up more than two years ago and on wish i still work on:Chaque personne qui grandit pourrais etre un repetiteur, un petit maitre, le detonateur d’une reaction en chaine, qui elle meme, est capable de changer le monde.There are so many things to be done, so many to create, we have no idea !We are just little lights in this huge univers. But looking at a small star in the sky can make a whole difference in a day life, isn’t it ?So let’s continu to shine !And thank you my dear.Love

  6. Anonymous says:

    Lydie! i can’t believe how beautiful your thoughts are. every word you wrote is evidence that you are a special soul, walking on a special path. and i’m sure that one day, one of the small actions that you do would be the one to set off a chain reaction that will ultimately change the world. maybe it’s even your last comment.i love you, and i can definitely feel the connection between us, even if we’re countries apart. yours, will.

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