raising the curtains and revealing all my private notes

(updated with a P.S. on sat, 11 dec 2010)

behind a password I have more than 100 personal notes, thoughts, and ideas.

a while back I asked myself: ‘what am I doing keeping all these notes to myself?’

the only answer I could think of is this: ‘society hones us to keep our lives private so we can feel secure.’ but is it true? what I feel is that the more private my life is, the more afraid I am.

and so I’m raising the curtains and revealing all my past and future ‘private’ notes with you.

the date is 14 December, 2010.
that’s next Tuesday.  (the notes are now live)

you don’t have to remember the date, just follow this posterous and you’ll automatically get everything by email (or RSS).

please share with everyone you know so they could all benefit, and together make this a more open world.

yours, will

twitter: @williamchoukeir

P.S: sneak peak of coming topics:

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4 Responses to raising the curtains and revealing all my private notes

  1. Anonymous says:

    good morning friends! i updated ‘raising the curtains’ with a sneak peak of coming topics 🙂 enjoy

  2. Sherif Maktabi says:

    William, this will be beautiful. I really can’t wait till you publish.My love and support.

  3. lydie says:

    William, i didn’t take the time since i came back from lebanon, to tell you how inspiring your are to me, now it’s done. Thank you! I totally agree with the idea, sharing, let’s all this circulate, that’s how our thoughts come true and sprend.Merci du fond du coeur.

  4. Anonymous says:

    wow lydie. thank you. it’s people like you and words like yours that actually inspire me and give me the energy to move forward and challenge the destructive ways this present system forces upon us.thank you, du fond de mon coeur.if you’re ever in lebanon, plz get in touch. and if’s i’m ever outside lebanon, which country do i find out in?

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